This page is dedicated toDIGILOGICpublic deliverables

Note: The deliverables published on this page have been submitted to the European Commission for evaluation and are awaiting the Commission’s approval.

Deliverable Number Deliverable Name Month
D1.1 Vision and list of stakeholders M04
D1.2 Map of ecosystem and video narration Brief on levers of change M04
D1.3 Note on Ecosystem engagement M18
D1.4 Updated Note on Ecosystem engagement M34
D1.5 Note on the integration of a systemic perspective in the work of the consortium M34
D2.1 Strategic research and innovation agenda M06
D2.2 Agenda and outline of online mentoring sessions M08
D2.3 Updated Version of the agenda and outline of online mentoring sessions M12
D2.4 Trend radar as meta-study M30
D3.1 DIGILOGIC eLearning platform users’ guideline M06
D3.2 DOP on EU-AU best practices for inclusive digital entrepreneurship capacity building M14
D3.3 AU Regional digital & entrepreneurship capacity building plans M16
D3.4 Report on inclusive digital & entrepreneurship capacity building programs in Africa M27
D3.5 Co-creation IMPACT labs final report M36
D4.1 Challenges Scope and Objectives M12
D4.2 Call for Challenges M17
D4.3 Proposal Selection Report M22
D4.4 Challenges Conclusion Report M34
D5.1 Outreach and impact creation strategy and plan M04
D5.2 Impact methodological framework M08
D5.3 First impact creation and assessment report M18
D5.5 First outreach and impact creation activities report M18
D5.6 Final outreach and impact creation assessment report M34
D6.1 Project Quality Plan M03