A few words about DIGILOGIC

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The vision of DIGILOGIC is to secure sustainability and success by boosting cooperation and strategic partnerships between European and African Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). So paving the way for innovators, startups, and SMEs to jointly develop smart logistics solutions in close cooperation with industries and ventures.


DIGILOGIC sees the horizontally connecting logistics industry at the converging point of interest and priorities for digital innovation for social and business development, a crucial node for Europe’s and Africa’s sustainable prosperity.


DIHs are embedded in local ecosystems, connect competence centres, and can catalyse the development, investment and uptake of smart logistics innovation offering go-to-market learning, fostering innovators’ partnerships for an increasing number of users.


DIGILOGIC revolves around 4 pillars: a system change analysis and a technology radar mapping devoted to designing a rich eLearning program where innovators can meet, learn, co-create and get fit to participate in DIGILOGIC smart logistics Challenges.


DIGILOGIC in numbers


3 DIHs in Europe (Germany, Finland and Italy) and 2 DIHs in Africa


Reaching 9 countries in Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique


DIGILOGIC aims to engage with over 1000 Innovators, Startups, ICT professionals, and Micro SMEs.


DIGILOGIC expects to receive 200 proposals to the Challenges

What is DIGILOGIC about?

The concept of DIGILOGIC is 3-fold:

  • To develop an EU-AU DIHs long-lasting, sustainable partnership based on the common interest to concretely boost the collaboration around smart logistics
  • To define an EU-AU smart logistics learning and technology framework and toolset to contribute to a vibrant digital economy ecosystem and sustainable uptake of the results
  • To enable the growth of a common innovators’ ecosystem, where talents from both EU and AU can benefit from access to technology, knowledge, and ultimately market opportunities and investors