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Who else better than DIHs, embedded in local ecosystems, connecting competence centers, and ideally orchestrated by a non-profit local or regional federated innovation agency, could catalyse the development, investment and uptake of smart logistics innovation?

DIHs are neuralgic nodes in fostering innovation, but they may not work as islands, confined into local or regional boundaries. Due to the high number of business cases and heterogeneity of customers’ requirements, each DIH can’t be able to provide custom solutions to all of them. It is worth noticing that the European Commission is facilitating the creation of networks of DIHs which can share nodes, technologies platforms as well as hard and soft competences to cope effectively with EU’s economy digital transformation. In Africa, there is an increased commitment to coordinate efforts across ecosystems that has led to the establishment of several regional and continental networks of hubs with over 600 tech hubs in the continent, joining forces in around 15 networks.

In order to create long-lasting partnerships between the engaged European and African DIHs that lead to concrete, tangible and sustainable impact DIGILOGIC applies a systems change approach to its ecosystem engagement.

We’re designing a systems map to unveil the key forces (enablers and inhibitors) and patterns (feedback loops) driving a system’s behaviour and outcomes in the smart logistics vertical.

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