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In 2022, DIGILOGIC will launch opportunities for innovators in Europe and Africa to solve four challenges related to the improvement of logistics in both continents. DIGILOGIC will define the topics of the four challenges based on the real needs and pain point of SMEs, industries, and local governments.

There will be opportunities to solve challenges ranging from logistics needs arising from ports to distribution centres, from transport organizations or local governments, solving bottlenecks at cross-border processes or last-mile delivery, at warehousing stage or distribution level.

Participants will be invited to propose effective emerging technologies solutions (such as IoT, AR/VR, AI, blockchain etc), effective deployment, demonstrate a combination of ICT and business skills and show successful cooperation of innovators from Europe and Africa.

The selected proposals (up to 12) will be funneled in a one year mentoring and coaching programme which will kick off with a three-day Bootcamp in Europe and continue with ongoing virtual and physical mentoring and access to technology infrastructures made available by each DIH. The best projects will be part of DIGILOGIC final Demo Day, co-located with a major innovation event in Europe or Africa.

Get ready to successfully apply to DIGILOGIC challenges by enrolling in DIGILOGIC eLearning platform. Get to know amazing innovators across Europe and Africa. Make the most of the capacity building and ICT trainings offered by DIGILOGIC experts. Aim to the get your innovation to the market.

We are committed to equal opportunity. For example, we know that there are great women innovators both in Europe and Africa. So, we will be promoting their participation to the DIGILOGIC program.

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